Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's try this blogging thing again...

So, I have obviously been remiss in updating this blog. And, as any of my college suitemates, my sisters or my husband will tell you, I usually have a lot to say. But never fear, just because I haven't been updating here doesn't mean I've been doing nothing! Since my last post, I finished the Boston and DC Love II prints which I'm really happy with. I also reprinted Paris Love in blue and a special small edition of gold, and NY Love in gray. I'll probably do another print of NYC later in the spring; I'm thinking somewhere in Central Park. I have to go up for my sister's graduation from NYU in May anyway, so it might be a good time to scout out a good scene! This weekend I'll also be reprinting San Francisco Love in gray, as long as I can get my custom order screen printed first.

Here's the first draft of my current custom job, an 8x10 screen print as a wedding gift for a couple who are getting married in a few weeks at Dromoland Castle in Ireland. I'll probably also put in a couple with umbrellas in normal clothes and make a small print of it for the shop as well. While looking for pictures of the castle, I was wondering why Devin and I had not seen Dromoland ourselves since we flew into and out of Shannon airport on our 2 week honeymoon in Ireland and Dromoland is so close. I kept finding pictures of Bush speaking at the castle in 2004, the year we were married, and then I remembered: Bush flew into Shannon the day we were leaving and I suppose he went straight to Dromoland. So I'm thinking perhaps that's why, because the highway towards Shannon was filled with those scary sniper dudes with big guns, and they probably weren't letting the general public into Dromoland during his visit. Not to mention, being a DC area native, I'm quite used to motorcades and presidential security, and wanted nothing to do with it on my vacation! I just thought it was a funny coincidence. Anyway, I like how this is coming out, so I may decide to start offering this option for a larger custom screenprint in my Etsy shop! I know I would have liked such a thing for my wedding, although since I'm the one making it, perhaps Devin will get something like this for our upcoming 5 year wedding anniversary! We've been together a total of 11 years now, which seems strange considering I'm only 28, but life sure does go by fast.

I also just finished a design based on my DC Love II print for a very sweet girl's save the date cards. I think those save the dates will come out wonderfully, and it was a really good idea on her part! I changed the colors to match their wedding colors, and added yellow tulips along the edge to get more yellow accents into the drawing. It really hadn't crossed my mind to do something like that before, so I really enjoyed working on it!

Anyway, I'm also working on wedding invitations for a friend of mine, and my sister is getting married next year so I'll have a LOT going on with that! I tend to get lots of crazy ideas and overextend myself trying to do all of them, but I feel confident we'll come up with a few cool things for her wedding. And, I'm trying to get some of my prints in some local shops, so hopefully very soon you'll be able to get some of my prints and perhaps some city love notecards and moleskins in the DC/Alexandria/Arlington area very soon!

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