Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So, it feels really great to get Chicago Love and Philly Love finished. Chicago gave me some issues, mostly because fountains are kinda hard to draw in the strictly black and white format that gocco demands (I know, I can use shading, etc. to achieve grays, but I haven't done that in any of the other prints, and I want them to have a visual continuity), but I think they came out well. Right now I'm kinda frantically trying to get my parents' office holiday card finished (I always wait until the last minute) as well as Baltimore Love done this week. Baltimore is foiling me a bit because I like doing vertical prints, and the inner harbor really lends itself to a horizontal rendering. So, I'm still thinking it over.

Here are the cards I've done for the office in the past (the old town Alexandria ones) and my own from last year, which I did in burgundy gocco ink.

The one I did for us was when our rabbit, Puppy, was alive and before we got Rory. Puppy (and Shark, our other rabbit who passed a few years back) will definitely be missed this Christmas. Especially by the cats, who in holidays past got chased around by a 6 lb. mini lop rabbit, and now are chased around by a 32 lb corgi. Poor Wahoo will never have peace, as I am sure we will end up with more pets (soon, if have anything to do with it)!


Hello, I'm Megan, and this is my new blog! It'll mostly be about what sort of shenanigans I'm up to in my art studio and Etsy shop, but I'll also be highlighting my favorite finds from other Etsy (and I'm sure plenty of non-Etsy) artists and other sorts of random things. I have a passion for printmaking and illustration, in particular fashion and childrens' book illustration, so there will be plenty of that as well. And I'm sure you lucky people (if anyone ever reads this aside from my mother) will get to hear all about my 3 fur-kids, Wahoo, Killian and Rory. Which, come to think of it, may make my mother stop reading because she hears enough about what sort of nonsense those 3 get into on a daily basis (I am still trying to scrub out all of the black india ink that Rory LOVES to eat from my white couch- she chewed through a bottle of it that was in a box on the dining room table (quite a feat, considering she's a Corgi), dumped it on the hardwood floor, rolled in it, and then rolled all over the couch, on 2 different occasions).