Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lovely things on my wall

I've been meaning to post about this for awhile, but time flies when you've got a long to-do list. I'll go ahead and blame it on the stomach flu/food poisoning thing I had yesterday, which had me nearly convinced I would not live to see today. But here I am. I even got up to swim this morning, much to Devin's chagrin since he'd decided I'd still be sick today and therefore he'd be able to sleep in. Oh, was he ever wrong. Instead, I got up to take my thyroid meds and accidentally spilled the entire cup of water I was holding on the bed. So there was no sleeping in to be had. Anyway, Yo-ii is one of my favorite artists on Etsy. A little while ago, I bought 3 of her prints from her Night Tales series. We got Night Tale 2: Orchid Yard, Night Tale 4: Woods and Night Tale 1: Moon and Rabbit, partially because both woods and moon and rabbit featured little rabbits, which remind me of my dearly departed Shark and Puppy rabbits. I finally conned Devin into using his engineering and applied electrophysics degree (yeah, I'm pretty sure hanging 3 frames each with 2 hangers that are not level in a straight line requires applied electrophysics, whatever the crap that is) to hang them in the maddening but pretty frames we bought at Michaels, and voila, here they are. I think they look fantastic. Keep an eye on her shop, she always has interesting stuff, and it goes fast! Oh, and the book you may or may not be able to see on my table thing (really just storage for devin's DVD obsession. Thankfully lately he's been a bit more judicious about what he buys, but for awhile it seemed like he'd buy almost any DVD on sale. And then he wanted to display the DVDs in the room. Um...no. That did not happen, thanks to Ikea having the perfect dresser that we repainted and fits all the dvds inside in an orderly fashion.)..oh yes, the book. It's The Mincing Mockingbird's book of his bird paintings with funny titles. I absolutely adore the titles. Really, you should go read some of them in his shop. Never fails to make me laugh. I think my favorites are: He Thinks My Sudden And Terrifying Mood Swings Are Kinda Cute, You Will Give Me Your Rumpus Room to Use As A Lair, and You May Think You Can Play Games With My Heart, But I Will Own You At Scrabble. Which is so true, cause I definitely will. Don't get me wrong, I really like the paintings too, as to me birds are much more beautiful in theory rather than having one tweeting and crapping in my house, so I have a lot of bird art. Also because Devin is absolutely terrified of birds. And in doing this post, I've just noticed he's added more prints since I got the book. He is obviously a lot more efficient than I. I promise I will get something new into the shop very soon. Probably LA, since I've promised a few people I'd finish that soon. Problem is, I haven't been in LA in like 10 years, and I can't think of a good place to put the couple. Any ideas, anyone familiar with LA? My idea right now is Griffith Observatory, but I'm just not sure. Suggestions are welcome! That is all.

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Rex&Regina said...

I love the prints and the placement -- and the crown molding, as well! Thanks for sharing!